Thursday, July 8


I am a HUGE least I love the music. I disdain to comment about the show because though I'm sure it has many wonderful moments...well, we won't go there.

For those of you who don't know what a Gleek or Glee is, I shall explain. Basically Glee is a TV show about a glee club (a glee club is where you sing and dance and stuff). They sing a lot of awesome songs and its pretty awesome. The TV show itself, however, isn't so awesome, for the simple fact that its about modern day high school kids, who do modern day high school kids stuff...if you get my drift. But I just don't watch the show, and I wallow in the wonderful music instead. Like I said, it's pretty awesome.

They do covers of some of my favorite songs, and I'll show you a few just cause I feel nice and anyone who hasn't heard glee...well, they just haven't lived.

I die and come back to life every time I hear this song...

and also with this song...

This song just makes me feel happy...

Those are some of my favorites, and I know, I need a life. But why would I want a life when I could just listen to glee all day?