Monday, March 15

The Kiwanis Music Festival

A few days ago I had the EXTREME pleasure(not) of participating in the Kiwanis Music Festival. For all you unknow-it-alls who don't know what that is, I'm not explaining. Let it suffice to say that it is nerve laceration to the nth degree. However, I was determined to see it through with style and panache.

As my mother and I drove up to the tallest building on the Sait campus(the directions given us by the incompetent women working for the Kiwanis), searching for a parking place that wouldn't cost a small fortune, my heart beat accelerated till I felt sure that it would pop out of my mouth. Either that or all my blood vessels would burst. Getting out of the car my hair was whipped around and my skirt sent flying by the icy wind and I cursed Calgary for the hundredth time. Of course, parking cost a fortune in small change, most of which I provided. And I was hyperventilating.

After extensive searching, we found the entrance and made our way to the 22nd floor lounge. Stepping into the silent room, I could almost smell the fear. Ten children most probably pushed into this by pushy parents (not you mom). We sat down in the back, the better to view the competition. All in all I was ready to jump out the window. The only thing holding me back was the thought that deep down I really wanted to go up their and play that grand piano. I wanted to harrow some soul.

And so my turn came. All I remember is the uncontrollable shaking of my pedal foot and the thought that I could NOT mess up. The rest is just so much blurry imagery. My mom says I did a great job. I'll take her word for it.

I didn't win anything. Apparently I wasn't playing emotionally enough. But all's well that ends well (Shakespeare), until next year when I really WILL have a heart attack.

Sunday, March 14

Sunday, Daylight Savings, Me, and the Flu

Today I went to mass and after mass I went to a baptism. It was a beautiful baptism.
After the baptism the family and I went to a small party at the home of the newly baptized baby, where I promptly sat down and almost fell asleep.

I AM SO TIRED! I hate daylight savings with a passion. It robbed me of one hour of beautiful sleep last night and I vow to take revenge (how I am not so sure). Though it was rather nice to have the sun go down later, I still resent the fact that MY sleep patterns have been disrupted (what sleep patterns?!). How dare anything inconvenience me?

But no, I am being heavily sarcastic. Really its not that bad. Very soon I will have forgotten my anger, like I forget everything, and I will move on with my life.

In other news, Jane was puking up her guts yesterday. Yep, she has the flu, the exact same flu I had almost 2 weeks ago. Well not exactly the same seeing has I didn't vomit everywhere. Nevertheless, she is quite ill, and it looks like the mother will soon join her. Poor me will be left to hold the fort and look after John (who is almost 6 months and who can roll over). Oh Joy.

Saturday, March 13

Shopping, My Feet, and Brain Vomit

I just got home from the mall...ughhh. I am exhausted! Anyways, for about 3 hours I walked around, flipped through piles of clothing, went through the humiliation of trying on a few items...all for ONE shirt!

I know what you must be thinking right now. Wow, that crazy girl, she is insane and in serious need of a strait jacket.

Or maybe you are like me, and you do the same thing every weekend. Don't get me wrong, I hate shopping. Really, I do. It's just that sometimes(about every weekend) I forget that I hate it so much. On a Saturday morning I lie in bed wondering what to do. 3 hours later, I inevitably end up moaning because my stupid feet hurt soooo much. Right now my feet are very sore.

Well, I think that is probably about as much brain vomit as you can handle from me for one day so I will say Sayonara, and go soak my feet.

Friday, March 12

Sprained Ankles, the Bus, and Rude Young Girls

So a few weeks ago i sprained my ankle...getting off the bus. Lying on the hard pavement, with people stepping over me, I mourned the loss of that thing called courtesy.

As a young girl glanced disdainfully down on me, asking in loud voice, "What's wrong with her?!", I blushed, because for a moment I felt that I was in the wrong. How dare I sprain my ankle and get in her way?

Anyways, the point I am trying to make is that young people today have had no courtesy or respect beaten into them with a wooden spoon as I or my siblings have. Instead they flit around thinking about...themselves.

How sad.