Thursday, January 27

I love this story cause...well, I think you will be able to figure that out for yourself. I wrote it as an English assignment and it's less of a story and more of a scene sketch. Enjoy. (I think you will really like this Gwen, it should speak to you romantic soul ;))


Outside it was cold and chilly. The wind howled and the snow fell. Inside was warm and cozy. Logs crackled and a book beckoned. Alicia laughed and closed the curtain gently. No chance in heaven or hell she was going out tonight. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Hell is frozen over,” she said, smiling gently. Displacing her cat, she snuggled into the high backed chair, positioned her cup of cocoa carefully for maximum reach and picked up her book, well aware she was in for a satisfying and pleasant evening.

Two hours faded slowly into the past and Alicia’s head began to nod, until at last she gave up her struggle, the book fell away, and she snored gently in contented sleep.

A rapid fusillade of knocks jerked Alicia awake. She sat up abruptly, spilling cat and book out of her lap. She stood uncertainly in front of her door, trying to determine if she could have dreamed so loud and abrasive a sound. A sharp staccato confirmed her fears and, groaning inwardly, she slowly heaved the door open. On the front step stood a young man of uncertain age but certain beauty and his car stood some yards outside her front gate. In the darkening night and gathering storm Alicia could just make out the deserted road with the city in the near distance.

He smiled apologetically, following the direction of her eyes. “Sorry to bother you. I would have stayed in the city tonight but my car broke down just outside of your gate. Worse luck for you of course, but an absolute god-send to me.” He smiled engagingly has he said this and Alicia blushed slightly.

Oh! Of course! Come in please and take off your jacket. It’s an absolute stinker of a night and I don’t grudge sharing my fireside with a stranded wanderer,” she said as she ushered him inside relieved him of his impedimenta, and waved a hand to a chair near the fire.

Inside she was grinning to herself with glee. “Out of a storybook really…tall, dark, handsome. Like something from Hans Christian Andersen perhaps, although his tales were always a mite depressing. This story will have a happy ending of course, with him sweeping me off my feet and riding off into the sunset etc.” Alicia thought all of this in a matter of seconds as she prepared a cup of cocoa for her “mysterious stranger”. He was really very handsome and as she bustled around the kitchen, Alicia made sure to tidy her titian hair into some semblance of tidiness and brush the extra cat hair off her shirt front.

Meanwhile, the “mysterious stranger” was appreciating his own good luck. His hostess was quite the beauty and she seemed to be quite intelligent to judge by the choice of her reading materials. Shakespeare was right up his alley. He settled comfortably into his chair anticipating the return of both Alicia and his cup of cocoa. The evening was going to be entirely enjoyable and satisfying.