Wednesday, April 6

The Dance

Searching eyes roved the cloudless sky,
Unblemished and without a wandering stain.
My soul rejoiced in the Blue so high,
But joy is never allowed to remain.
Into the cathedral-like sky drifted a tiny cloud,
Disturbing my dreams as though it had yelled aloud.

Dancing and twirling across the sacred ground
Which I had worshiped only moments before,
It disrupted the peace, though it made not a sound
And it ignored my pleas, striking me to the core;
Pulling fluffy, tulle skirts together,
It cavorted across the sky; light as a feather.

Singing along in this impromptu dance,
The wind joined into my private show
Which now held me bound in a timeless trance,
My earlier anger long forgotten; watching the music flow.
Hours and years seemed to pass me by, though only a few seconds
Lasted the dance, until the cloud dispersed and my doorway beckoned.

Now every time I stare into the perfect Blue sky,
I see a phantom cloud dancing there ,
The way it danced, that day it danced so high.
Now a perfect Blue sky seems so cold and bare.
No cloud now dances to brighten my day.
No cloud so happy now dances my way.


  1. Did you write that?

  2. what?! you don't like cloudless skys?! >:(

    don't worry I'm joking :D

    But you must love sky outside it's almost all white!

  3. Nice... how emptiness was fine, but after experiencing somethingalive... is this, inspired by the trip in any way? Or was this from before?

    Bringing this in for coffee?

  4. Well, I actually wrote this in Gr. 8. I found it, made a few alterations and decided to post it. When I first wrote it, it didn't really apply to me, I was actually thinking literally about clouds...oh the literal mind of a 13 year old.:) But now it does, and you could say the trip did inspire me digging it out again.