Friday, June 25

Wisdom Teeth and Massive Needles for Elephants

It seems to me, whenever I write on this blog, I'm either in vast amounts of pain, or I'm regaling you with an embarrassing, if funny, story.

Today...I'm in pain. I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday...yep, I now look like a chipmunk with its mouth full of nuts and berries. It is not a very comfortable feeling.

Getting your wisdom teeth out hurts like.....heck. NO, I was not going to swear, although I feel an awful lot like it. If you had somebody stick five needles in your mouth, slice a hole in your gums, break your tooth, and drag it out, piece by piece, you would feel like swearing!

Something also went wrong during the surgery, and now I have stitches in my cheek and two of my wisdom teeth were not taken out. I THINK it was because my mouth was too small. As my delightful dentist said with chagrin, "Don't ever let anybody tell you you have a big mouth...because you don't." Anybody who thinks I have a big mouth can go stuff it, so there. He said (My dentist that is) that we would have to wait to get my top two wisdom teeth out until they erupt. Which made me think of Mount Etna. I sincerely hope we are not waiting until my wisdom teeth spew lava all over the inside of my mouth.

Another horrifying aspect of this tale: I was actually awake during the whole thing...I heard EVERYTHING. Every grisly crunch and sickening scrape was mine to cherish. I also felt a great deal. Although I had a massive amount of freezing done, I could feel the pressure as they drilled into your bone. I am expecting horrifying nightmares.

Did I also tell you that needles terrify me? When my dentist pulled out this massive needle, I felt my heart stop. Surely they only used those on elephants? I looked frantically around the room. No elephants. I cringed inside. Looked like I was in for it.

To be strictly truthful, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. They gave me some freezing gel, so it could have been a lot worse. I could feel the needle go in. I could feel the pressure. But I wasn't writhing on the floor in gargantuan amounts of pain. Be that as it may, needles in the roof of your mouth are VERY painful. I don't really recommend them.

Right now, I am kinda high. For the past 24 hours I've either been filled to the brim with freezing drugs stuff, or filled to the brim with pain killers. I'm not operating or driving heavy machinery any time soon. But hey, at least I can't feel much. Oh the beauty of our modern drugs...they make you act like an idiot, but at least your not in pain.

P.S.-Can you tell that the painkillers started kicking in about halfway through this blog post? Disregard any strange turn of phrase....and if I send you an email today, disregard that too. I'm really not myself. :D

Wisdom Teeth (Not mine)


  1. Poor you! How awful! Well, I'm praying!

  2. Maddie was Knocked out for hers! It was soooo funny when she was going under cause she was petting the heart moniter and yelling and flailing her arms saying *I thought it was my home!* *I thought it was my puppy* *mmm Bambie!*

  3. Oh i Tagged you on my Blog Elizabeth!