Tuesday, June 15

Teusday Challenge

Teudsay Challenge, or rather Tuesday Challene, or rather tuesday challenge (finally)

My friend Gwen made it up. Its where you can't backsapce for you r whole post...i know. its rather neve racking and i'm typing a lot slower than normal becasue i don't want to look like a complete idiot. Its not realy working.\dang!

Anyways, today my moteh (mother) my soster (sister) and my other sister and my other sister adn my baby broher( brotehr, or ratehr brother) and I, all went t o canmore (its in the moutains for all of you who don't live in alberta) to get my little baby brother a Thudguard. What is a thudguard you might well ask? well, a thuydguard is a tiny helmest you put on a baby who insists on baning his head continously on the floo (i meant to say banging and floor). We were afraid he might sutain some brain damage because of the continuous banging, thus the thudguard.

That is a thudguard and although my sister maria insists it make s john look like a moron, i would have to disagree, becasue I think he looks absolutely adorable.

After we got the thudguard we went to a coffe shop, and i drank chocolate mik (milk) and had !/3 or 1/3 of a cinnamon bun. It was very yummy and satisfying and though it was raining cats and dogs i had a great deal of fun and engjoyed myself immensely. Canmore is beautiful and the mountains are big and majestic and they make you think about how silly those people are who think God doesn't exisst. Looking at those mountains all i could think about was how stupid people who've seen the moutnains are, who say God doesn't exist are. I'm not making myself very clear i know but its difficult when you can't baksapce and get rid of your excess words. oh well...

Today is also my b mothers b-day. I've got to scitter cause wer are haveing CAKE!!!! yum...


  1. Its so cute to see your spelling mistakes! It makes me feel so much better about my posts! ahahahahahah!

    Milisande :P